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Tip to Initiate Your Kids to Coding at an early age

Within a decade every public elementary school, middle and high school in the Asian countries will include computer science in their syllabuses just to make their kids competitive for the future. There is, however, no reason for parents (especially) to wait for schools to adopt the discipline. As parents, you can cultivate your kids’ coding skills even right now.

We feel very strongly that every child needs to learn ‘coding’ at an early age and truth to be told, we are glad to witness parents’ and tutors’ concerns about the same lately. After all, learning to code is a brilliant way to encourage problem-solving skills, logic, creativity, and technical competence in children.

Do real-life ‘coding’ experiences

Remember your child learns and remembers better when they learn through practical or real-life experiences. As parents, you should create an environment for them that might give a feeling of a science fair, filled with skill-building, hands-on activities. Children who learn to code grow up as more creative and logical-thinking beings than those who have not. Children can achieve a holistic understanding of a variety of programming applications — from mobile development to robotics to CSS (i.e. a style of computer language).

Encourage hands-on play for your children

Experimental learning, as to coding education, is gaining in popularity amongst more and more parents lately. There are coding toys that are designed to teach kids the block building of coding. A couple of block building toys that are common in modern households are Little Bits and Dash and Dot. Children 5+ can learn a lot of programming these toys and might not even realize that they are actually learning. It’s fun as well as effectively educational.

Make almost all of online resources

There are today, a number of educational institutes that are conducting online classes for kids to learn to code. They provide access to extensive content categories for coding tutors, school teachers, and children. Besides, Google and Microsoft as well have dedicated sites for kids to learn computer science. Your children, with the help a computer science tutors, can learn computer science right at home. If you don’t want, your children need not attend any school in person or make physical interaction, especially at these pandemic times.

Find them a coding teacher

A teacher is a teamwork effort with an objective to aid your child’s engagement in the learning process. They will dedicatedly attend your child only to identify their interests and cognitive ability, first, and then mend the learning process as your kids feel fit. Our learning modules are curated to provide students/hobbyist with technical knowledge including practical hands-on experience to write instructions (coding), maneuver, assemble, invent robots/drones/devices/gadgets. Learn more :

Credit: kidocode

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