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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Assalamualaikum & Good day to you 😊

Happy Aidil Adha as we are still in the month of Zulhijjah 1441H.

We would to take this opportunity to update you on JTECH Berhad progress and activities for the past 2 weeks for your kind information.

1. We were blessed to be given the opportunity to meet *Datuk Dr. Ustaz Hj. Zahazan Bin Muhamed, the Managing Director for Telaga Biru Sdn Bhd*. Alhamdulillah we are so honored as we are in agreement to appoint him as *JTECH Berhad Advisor*.

With his vast knowledge and expertise in industry, Datuk will be looking over & advise us on all our modules research and development especially on *Al-Jazari module focusing on Islamic Scholars & Philosophers during Islamic Golden Age*.

Our aim is to expose and teach the students the latest technology available in the market, as well as transferring it back by sharing and giving it back to society that will benefit our ummah and next generation as a whole.

2. To make sure our modules are in parallel to what needed in the current education system and as well as in robotic and artificial Intelligence industry, we are so honored to announce the appointment of *Dr. Ts. Ruzlaini Binti Ghoni as JTECH Berhad Advisor*.

She is the former Head of Faculty (Dean) in Terengganu Advance Technical Institute (TATI UC). She has *more than 20 years experience in teaching robotics & programming to students* & also involves in development of school students in STEM learning outreach programs 🤖🤖🤖

3. On operation side, we already started our *affiliate program for all JTECH Robotics activities*. We will generate a specific affiliate code & the registered affiliate just need to SHARE our content.

Our affiliate will get *30% commision for every participants registered*.

Sounds easy to get the benefit right? 😉

The affiliate program is still open for registration, feel free to contact us for details 😊

4. We are happy to announce that we already open our fund raising *Co -Founder round*. Alhamdulillah, with the trust and faith given to us, we are only left with *4 lots* to be subsribed.

For your information, we open our co-founder round with a *min of RM12,500 per lot* with about 20X in return. Feel free to ask us for more details 😉👍

Take care & have a great day ahead. May Allah bless you & your family. Ameen..

Best regards,

Ir. Dzulfarqeish


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