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How Gamification Helps in Classrooms

The educational sector uses gamification to increase productivity, student engagement, and even fun.

In the world of online learning, computer-assisted learning e world and video games, children are always connected to one device or other. With the era of outdoor gaming coming to an end, online screen time is increasing day by day. With each passing day, technology is developing so that one day every component of education will be digitized and made easily accessible.

Education is one of the most significant pillars of personal growth, so it is essential to shape the educational process to increase learners' horizons and give them immense opportunities to become the best version. Today, the education system has life-changing powers. The educators worldwide are continually striving to bring innovation that provides learners with the knowledge and sustains the joy of learning. Whether designing a new age-appropriate curriculum or incorporating hands-on learning activities and games to make education fun, constant research and development is going on to develop the best for the next generation.

Gamification can be described as a set of activities and procedures followed to solve problems through the use or application of game elements. In the non-game context, gamification often uses game design elements to enhance user engagement, productivity, flow, and learning.

Importance of gamification

It has been shown that gamification in education enhances the results of learning. Gamification in the classroom improved participation, engagement, productivity, motivation, fun, sense of achievement, and a sense of accomplishment. According to the researchers, gamification plays a crucial role in changing education. Here are some of the scientifically proven advantages of gamification of learning:

• Supports collaborative group learning

• Enhances the capacity of knowledge absorption and retention

• Offers students with the opportunity to check and experience the real-world applications

• Improves learner engagement

• Ensures a better learning outcome

• Makes learning fun and interactive

• Improves the overall learning experience

Today, gamification has become an important education tool. It is possible to express various educational subjects with the help of gamification as it can engage young minds and draw their attention. Subjects like applications, robotics, software, and coding are also included in the academic as it can fascinate the learners and keep them engaged with the idea of learning.

Credits: Education Technology Insights

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